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Steenbruggen, A. and L. Daniels. 2017. Annual report 2016 Louis Bolk Instituut: Together with nature. Louis Bolk Instituut, Driebergen. 8 p.

Number of pages: 8

Type of document: Year report

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Language of document: English

Title in English: Annual report 2016 Louis Bolk Instituut: Together with nature

Abstract / summary in English:

Jan Willem Erisman, Executive Director: "In 2016 the concept of nature-inclusive agriculture gained real momentum. All of us are searching for solutions towards more resilient, sustainable food systems based on healthy soils and environmental and landscape quality. Nature-inclusive agriculture is a sustainable approach to food production, and I am proud that the Louis Bolk Institute has nurtured this concept and its implementation. Another concept that is well-known by now is positive health. This concept focuses on people’s resilience, adaptive capacity and ability to selfmanage their own health and well-being.”

Other important projects presented in this annual reports are for example Reversing type 2 diabetes and Restoring nature while growing feed.

Keywords in English: Nature-inclusive agriculture, sustainability, positive health, self management, well-being, system resilience, sustainable food system
Annual report 2016 Louis Bolk Instituut