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Nuijten, E. 2016. Implementation of populations (CCPs) in the Netherlands. p. 14-15. In T. Pedersen, F. Rey. (ed.) Breeding for diversity – political implications and new pathways for the future.

Number of pages: 2

Type of document: Book section

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Language of document: English

Title in English: Implementation of populations (CCPs) in the Netherlands

Abstract / summary in English:

As efforts in spring wheat breeding for organic farming are limited, organic farmers rely on varieties developed by conventional breeding. Evolutionary breeding may be an alternative approach to diminish this dependence. In the Netherlands, two spring wheat CCPs were grown by several farmers in 2014 and 2015. Lessons were learned on cultivation, baking and regulations aspects.

Keywords in English: wheat breeding, organic farming, CCPs, composite cross populations, cultivation, baking quality
Implementation of populations (CCPs) in the Netherlands