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Koopmans, C.J., J.G. Bokhorst, C. ter Berg and N.J.M. van Eekeren. 2015. Soil Signals: A practical guide to a fertile soil. Roodbond, Zutphen. 96 p.

Number of pages: 96

ISBN/ISSN: 978-90-8740-157-3

Type of document: Book

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More information on authors/freelancers connected to LBI :
Coen ter Berg ;
Jan G. Bokhorst MSc.;
Nick J.M. van Eekeren Ph.D.;
Chris J. Koopmans Ph.D.

Language of document: English

Title in English: Soil Signals: A practical guide to a fertile soil.

Abstract / summary in English:

Farmers pay a lot of attention to their crops. But it’s all happening just underneath your feet: a crop is just a reflection of soil fertility. Management of the soil is at least as important as your crop management. Soil Signals provides you with tools to optimise your soil management.

The soil is the foundation of your farm. To keep it fertile and healthy, you should have a good a good basic knowledge of the soil. This starts with literally feeling a handful or digging a pit to assess the soil profile. This information, along with soil sampling, provides you with a good overall picture.

For example, how do you recognise a lack of oxygen? Signals for this are blue spots in the soil. And have you ever examined the roots of your crops more closely? These provide information on the presence of compacted layers in the soil.

Soil Signals contains many tools that farmers can put into practices immediately. Practical soil management is also a rewarding experience for many farmers who take a closer look below surface level

With Soil Signals you can really get your soil management off the ground.

Keywords in English: soil fertility, soil, Soil diversity, Biodiversity
Soil Signals