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Osman, A.M. and E.T. Lammerts van Bueren. 2011. Farm Seed Opportunities: Conservation, breeding and production. 28 p.

Number of pages: 28

Type of document: Brochure

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Prof. dr. Edith T. Lammerts van Bueren Ph.D.

Language of document: English

Title in English: Farm Seed Opportunities: Conservation, breeding and production

Abstract / summary in English:

Farm Seed Opportunities (FSO), a re- search project in the FP6 European Research Framework (2007-2009), was targeted to support the imple- mentation of seed regulations on con- servation varieties (directive 98/95/EC and new directives 2008/62/EC and 2009/145/CE) and to propose com- plementary seed regulation scenarios taking into account the diversity of the European seed systems. The FSO project is a collaborative effort of farmers and scientists from France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
This publication highlights the main FSO conclusions and presents FSO policy recommendations.

Keywords in English: breeding, diversity, biodiversity, agro-biodiversity, local varieties, seed quality
Farm Seed Opportunities: Conservation, breeding and production