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Wit, J. de, H. Verhoog, U. Prins. 2006. Why regionality is an important value in organic agriculture: the case of the Netherlands. In: Joint Organic Congress. Odense, Denmark. 30-31 May 2006.

Aantal pagina's: 2

Soort document: Conference Paper

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Ir. Udo Prins

Taal van het document: Engels

Title in English: Why regionality is an important value in organic agriculture: the case of the Netherlands

Abstract / summary in English:

Organic agriculture is a system of production and consumption in which values play a prominent role. The new IFOAM principles reflect the current worldwide consensus on the most important values of organic agriculture. Regionality or proximity is not explicitly mentioned in these principles. Also in the present EU-regulation on organic agriculture hardly any standards are formulated concerning this issue. On the other hand, some private organic labels do have extra standards - concerning for instance the origin of organic feed - while both producers and consumers of organic products often mention regional production as an important value. The question is whether, and if so why regionality is an important issue to be dealt with in the upcoming reformed EU-regulation on organic agriculture. To answer this question, the consequences are evaluated of the development of intensive, large-scale organic animal production in the Netherlands in the light of the value of regionality.