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What our clients think of us

Toine Heijmans, Agrifirm Feed:

"The strength of the Louis Bolk lnstitute is that they know exactly what farmers want and need. Together we can reach a higher level. Thanks to the fact that we do this research really together, our forage specialists and dairy farmers are becoming more enthusiastic every day."  Read more

Hans Hoek, Veelzijdig Boerenland Farmers' Association:

"Our collaboration with the Louis Bolk lnstitute has been very constructive and transparent. I think of the project as a co-creation: together we are working towards a common goal, creating added value because we complement and inspire each other."   Read more

Henk Heinhuis, Skylark Foundation:

"We are sharing the ambition to increase environmental as well as economic sustainability. This is what I like about the Louis Bolk lnstitute: they really want to achieve results at both these levels. I expect that we will intensify our collaboration in the future."  Read more

Jan Lamers, PPO Lelystad (part of Wageningen UR):

"This partnership enables us to study soil disease suppressiveness from different angles: our experience is focused on conventional production, whereas the Louis Bolk lnstitute brings in expertise on organic agriculture. This enabled us to get the whole picture, and to draw more comprehensive conclusions than had we worked alone."  Read more

Christel Hoogland, Arnhem Housing Cooperation:

"The collaboration with the Louis Bolk Institute was energetic and organic. Although we had set a clear goal on the horizon, the road towards it had not been fixed beforehand. This allowed us to move along with what came across our paths, which made the project incredibly fun." Read more

Frank Klaassen, GGD of South-Limburg:

"The Louis Bolk lnstitute bridges the gap between science and societal change. You don't see that often. 'Positive Health' is definitely not a hype; it is a future-proof and sustainable concept. lt is also groundbreaking, in the sense that it helps to open previously closed doors."  Read more

Ruud van Nieuwenhuijze, Brabant Water Company:

"By working together we can develop much better solutions. The Louis Bolk lnstitute is able to apply an integrated approach, and looks at interrelationships."  Read more


Jan Velema, Vitalis Organic Seeds

"The beauty of the Louis Bolk Institute is their practical and tangible contribution to the development of the organic sector. They are able to bring together farmers, businesses and governmental organisations, and really make them work together. As an international company we are also pleased that the Louis Bolk Institute now operates internationally." Read more

Urs Niggli, Director Research Institute FiBL, Switzerland

"The Louis Bolk Institute constantly re-invents, re-designs and improves organic farming thanks to its research and advisory activities. They have an ability to translate abstract concepts and research results into practical solutions. They even offer now international advice.This pro-active and flexible approach is important in a sector that needs innovative support in order to grow." Read more

Alex Spieker
Dutch Poultry Breeders Association NOP

"The Louis Bolk Institute has succeeded in developing practical and feasible methods for animal-friendly poultry production. They really think along with their clients and understand what's important for them. They have broadened their horizon to 'conventional' agriculture, which strengthens their position as a research institute." Read more

Marion Plagge
Natuurmonumenten (Dutch society for the preservation of natural heritage)

"We really like working with the Louis Bolk Institute. Why? Because their researchers and advisors combine subject matter expertise with practical experience. It is impressive to see how they are able to combine content-driven research with a practical ability to balance different stakeholder interests." Read more

Margreet Hofstede
Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation

"The Louis Bolk Institute's broad expertise in areas such as soil fertility, plant breeding, human health and animal welfare is unique. I find it refreshing that they tell a different tale, that they have the guts to do research in a fundamentally different way." Read more

Hans Nijnens

"I consider the Louis Bolk Institute a real business partner for Weleda. Their broad view on health and their research methodology have persuaded me. Their systems approach to medicine ensures that they always view the efficacy of treatments in the context of overall health promotion for the patient." Read more

Frank Wijnands
Wageningen University and Research Centre WUR

"The people of the Louis Bolk Institute know what is going on in the world of agricultural development, and know what farmers want and need. Their work is ambitious and often ground-breaking, for example in poultry and cattle farming. Their expertise on soil management also contributes to a more sustainable agriculture." Read more

Ina Eleveld
goat farmer

"The Louis Bolk Institute has a clear focus on the needs of organic farmers. They organize farm visits and demonstrations, allow us to tap into their knowledge network, and so on. It is good to have a single organisation that can help you with all your questions related to organic agriculture." Read more

Tobias Bandel
Soil and More

"I closely work with the Agro Eco-Louis Bolk Institute in a Soil and Climate project. They have a lot of expertise in soil fertility and breeding. Moreover, they are target driven and have an open and flexible attitude towards clients. I easily recommend them to others!"  Read more

Fons Verbeek
organic greenhouse grower

"The Louis Bolk Institute is an excellent training partner for organic greenhouse growers. Thanks to their specific expertise on organic agriculture, their approach to research is both broader and deeper compared to other parties." Read more

Nand De Herdt
Echamp, Brussels

"As far as I can tell, no other institute can rival the Louis Bolk's experience with complementary medicine research. The way in which they organize their clinical studies is highly effective - both in terms of subject matter expertise and project management they are an excellent partner."  Read more

Xander Meijer

"For Natudis/Wessanen the Louis Bolk is a very important institute. The results of their independent scientific studies on the health effects of organic products enable us to better advise our customers."  Read more

Ines von Rosenstiel
Slotervaart Hospital

"As you can expect from an independent scientific institute, the Louis Bolk is not afraid to think outside the box. I also greatly appreciate their effective communication, which includes useful feedback and regular progress updates on their clinical trials." Read more

Martine Busch
Van Praag Institute

"As an institute for Integrative Medicine, we attach great importance to ensuring that our healthcare products and training courses are 'evidence-based'. We like working with the Louis Bolk Institute because of their subject matter expertise and strong research methodology. Their combined expertise in nutrition, health care and sustainability gives them a unique position." Read more

Bernadette Krom, VSM Geneesmiddelen

"Clinical research on complementary and alternative medicine absolutely requires independent expertise and this can be found at the Louis Bolk Institute. We've been working together since 2008, and I've always been very pleased with their useful feedback, broad outlook, and easy interaction." Read more