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Erisman, J.W., E. Dammers, M. van Damme, N. Soudzilovskaia and M. Schaap. 2015. Trends in EU Nitrogen Deposition and Impacts on Ecosystems. EM Magazine. , p. 31-35.

Number of pages: 5

Type of document: Magazine Article

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Language of document: English

Title in English: Trends in EU Nitrogen Deposition and Impacts on Ecosystems

Abstract / summary in English:

Reactive nitrogen (Nr) is all the nitrogen (N) found on Earth fixed in compounds other than gaseous N2. The amount of Nr in the biosphere is currently one of the biggest problems faced and results in human health impacts and a cascade of environmental effects. The largest cause of the N problem is the fixation of atmospheric N during combustion processes and fertilizer production. Critical loads for ecosystems in Europe are exceeded currently by nitrogen deposition therewith affecting our ecosystem services, health, and economy. These past years the emissions of nitrogen oxides have decrease with more than 40%. However, the decrease in ammonia emissions was limited. The nitrogen deposition and critical load exceedances has decreased because of different protocols in Europe. However, several hotspots remain in Europe and it is questioned if the current critical loads are an overestimation of the ecosystem disturbance due to nitrogen deposition.

Keywords in English: Reactive Nitrogen, food production, nitrogen use efficiency, environment, policy, food security, biodiversity, Critical loads
Trends in EU Nitrogen Deposition and Impacts on Ecosystems