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Dokter, B. and M.W.P. Bestman. 2014. Poultry farming the Danish way. (In Dutch, with English abstract.). Pluimveehouderij. 44:28-29.

Number of pages: 2

Type of document: Magazine Article

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Monique W. P. Bestman MSc.

Language of document: Dutch

Titel in Nederlands: Zo doen de Denen het

Abstract / samenvatting in Nederlands:

Deense legpluimveehouders combineren de uitloop met boomteelt en voeren kippen volop ruwvoer bij. Enkele Nederlanders zijn naar Denemarken geweest om het zelf te zien.

Trefwoorden in Nederlands: kippenuitloop, boomteelt, fruitteelt, biologisch, Agroforestry, voedselbos

Second language of document: English
Status English: Document contains summary

Title in English: Poultry farming the Danish way

Abstract / summary in English:

In Denmark, poultry farmers are growing trees in the outdoor range areas for their laying chickens and add plenty of roughage to the feed. A couple of people linked to the Dutch organic poultry sector went to Denmark to to learn from their Danish colleagues.

Keywords in English: outdoor chicken range, arboriculture, fruit production, organic, Agroforestry, food forest
Zo doen de Denen het