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Bestman, M.W.P. and T. Vogel. 2014. AI risk greatest in outdoor range areas with grasses. (In Dutch.). Pluimveehouderij. 44:30-31.

Number of pages: 2

Type of document: Magazine Article

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Monique W. P. Bestman MSc.

Language of document: Dutch

Titel in Nederlands: In grasland meeste risico

Abstract / samenvatting in Nederlands:

We hebben literatuuronderzoek gedaan naar welke wilde vogelsoorten gezien worden in beplantingen van wilgen, miscanthus en fruit. Sommige soorten kunnen nl vogelgriep overbrengen op kippen. We wilden weten met welke beplantingen in kippenuitlopen je wilde vogels met AI-risico kunt weren.

Trefwoorden in Nederlands: kippenuitloop, AI, vogelgriep, Agroforestry, voedselbos

Second language of document: English
Status English: Only bibliografic information

Title in English: AI risk greatest in outdoor range areas with grasses

Abstract / summary in English:

A literature review was conducted on the occurrence of wild bird species in plantings of willow, Miscanthus and fruit trees. Some of these bird species may transmit avian influenza (AI) to poultry. The objective of this review was to find out which vegetation type in outdoor areas for free-range poultry is the best choice for avoiding high risk wild bird species.

Keywords in English: outdoor range area, poultry, AI, Asian Influenza, Agroforestry, food forest
In grasland meeste risico