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Maurer, V., Z. Amsler-Kepalaite, E. Zeltner, F. Leenstra, T. van Niekerk, B. Reuvekamp, M.W.P. Bestman, C. Verwer, F. van Sambeek and F. Galea. 2013. The ideal hen for organic and free range systems. In: Annual meeting of the Swiss Association for Animal Production. IAG Posieux.

Type of document: Conference/ workshop paper/ poster, non-scientific

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More information on authors/freelancers connected to LBI :
Monique W. P. Bestman MSc.;
Cynthia Verwer Ph.D.

Language of document: English

Title in English: The ideal hen for organic and free range systems

Abstract / summary in English:

Organic and free range systems use layer genotypes selected for and in conventional indoor systems. This may be the reason for some animal health and welfare issues and also for reduced performance of layers in organic and free range systems. The aim of LowInputBreeds is to develop a system to evaluate layer genotypes in free range and organic systems and to optimise the management of those systems. Results of a questionnaire are described on this poster.

Keywords in English: poultry production, layer genotypes, free range, organic
The ideal hen for organic and free range systems