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Bestman, M.W.P. 2013. In peace. (In Dutch.). Pluimveehouderij. 18 oktober 2013, p. 30-31.

Number of pages: 2

Type of document: Magazine Article

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More information on authors/freelancers connected to LBI :
Monique W. P. Bestman MSc.

Language of document: Dutch

Titel in Nederlands: In alle rust.

Abstract / samenvatting in Nederlands:

Vergassen van uitgelegde leghennen in de stal in Scandinavië.

Trefwoorden in Nederlands: Dierenwelzijn

Second language of document: English
Status English: Only bibliografic information

Title in English: In peace

Abstract / summary in English:

Gasifying spent laying hens in the barn in Scandinavia

Keywords in English: animal welfare
In alle rust.