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Brouwer, G. and B.G.H. Timmermans. 2012. Organic fruit fertilization. (In Dutch.). DLV Plant fruitteelt, Boxtel. 22 p.

Number of pages: 22

Type of document: Brochure

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Related to: Organic Fruit Network

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Bart G.H. Timmermans Ph.D.

Language of document: Dutch

Titel in Nederlands: Bemesting biologische fruitteelt

Abstract / samenvatting in Nederlands:

Deze brochure bevat resultaten en aanbevelingen afkomstig uit het ‘Bedrijfsnetwerk Biologische Fruitteelt’. Behandeld worden oa.: bodemkwaliteit, voedsel voor bomen, wetgeving en strategie.


Trefwoorden in Nederlands: fruit, fruitteelt, bemesting, stikstof, fosfaat, appels, peren, bodemkwaliteit

Second language of document: English
Status English: Only bibliografic information

Title in English: Organic fruit fertilization

Abstract / summary in English:

This brochure contains results and recommendations from the Dutch 'organic fruit farmers network. Including: Soil quality, feeding trees, legislation and strategy.

Keywords in English: fruit, fruit growing, fertilization, nitrogen, phosphate, apples, pears, soil quality
Bemesting biologische fruitteelt