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Eekeren, N.J.M. van, G. Iepema and F.W. Smeding. 2007. Nature recovery in grassland by means of clover and potassium fertilization. (In Dutch.). De Levende Natuur. 01-2007, p. 27-31.

Number of pages: 5

Type of document: Magazine Article

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Nick J.M. van Eekeren Ph.D.

Language of document: Dutch

Titel in Nederlands: Natuurherstel in grasland door klaver en kalibemesting

Abstract / samenvatting in Nederlands:

Hoge fosfaatgehalten in bodems van voormalige landbouwgronden staan een snelle natuurontwikkeling in de weg. Het huidige verschralingsbeheer leidt op korte termijn niet tot de gewenste fosfaatverschraling. Het Overlegplatform Duinboeren en het Louis Bolk Instituut hebben in samenwerking met Vereniging Natuurmonumenten de mogelijkheden van ‘uitmijnen’ getoetst in het natuurontwikkelingsgebied het Hengstven.

Trefwoorden in Nederlands: natuuronwikkeling, verschralen, uitmijnen

Second language of document: English
Status English: Only bibliografic information

Title in English: Nature recovery in grassland by means of clover and potassium fertilization

Abstract / summary in English:

Abandoned agricultural lands that are in conversion to nature conservation areas,often have a disbalance in regard to their chemical soil fertility.A major problem on sandy soils is the high soil phosphate level,inhibiting the development of nature target types.The current management on these abandoned agricultural lands,aiming to impoverish the soil, leads to a depression in dry matter production and consequently inhibits the removal of phosphate.To solve these problems,a grass-clover management is proposed including supplementary potassium fertilisation.In an experiment started in 2002 this management was tested. After 3 years the productivity of the plots that received potassium was about two times higher as compared to plots without potassium.Increase in phosphate removal was on average 15 kg phosphate per year.Calculations using field observations demonstrate that the proposed method of phosphate mining is able to achieve threshold phosphate values for nature target types within 10-20 years.

Keywords in English: nature development, impoverishment, phosphate extraction
Natuurherstel in grasland door klaver en kalibemesting