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Baars, T., A. Spengeler and J. Spranger. 2003. Is there something like bio-dynamic breeding? In: Initiatives for animal breeding in organic farming in Europe and evaluation for future strategies. Driebergen. 17-18 October 2003.

Number of pages: 14

Type of document: Conference Paper

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Language of document: English

Title in English: Is there something like bio-dynamic breeding?

Abstract / summary in English:

In this paper the differentiation made within the concept of naturalness will be used to explain the different approaches in breeding within the organic movement. The differentiation of the concept will result into a framework, which will be used as a tool to describe and explain the elements of bio-dynamic animal breeding. Bio-dynamics is a practical result out of the anthroposophical worldview. Bio-dynamics developed its own way to judge about relationships in the physical world, used its own language to express the holistic approach in agriculture and focused on additional relationships within the world.

Keywords in English: animal breeding, naturalness, biodynamics, antroposophy