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Local action for global sustainability

In the project Wereldschool Wereldwijk (‘World school, World neighbourhood’), four primary schools in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant are launching local activities on sustainability and liveable neighbourhoods. Schoolchildren, parents and teachers are working together with the local community (local residents, social organisations, and businesses located in the neighbourhood of the schools) on a wide range of social and green projects, about 50 in total. The aim is to contribute to global sustainability through local action. The Louis Bolk Institute has been asked to evaluate the effects of this project. The project runs from 2013 to 2015, and is funded by the province of Noord-Brabant. 

Research on healthy, sustainable and liveable neighbourhoods

The activities range from building insect hotels, planting butterfly zones and cleaning up street litter, to cooking organic meals together. The aim is to establish lasting partnerships between local businesses, social organisations, schools and neighbourhood residents. The Louis Bolk Institute investigates whether these projects contribute to sustainability awareness, sustainable behaviour, healthy lifestyle and liveable neighbourhoods. Our researchers also analyze the underlying processes of collaboration and self-organisation, as well as the integrated project approach: which factors and instruments are most effective in achieving healthy, sustainable and liveable neighbourhoods, and which are counterproductive? The results from this research will help other schools and neighbourhoods to successfully implement their own sustainability initiatives.

Green and healthy

This project fits in well with our research theme Green and Healthy, which focuses on social issues such as quality of life, social cohesion and liveability. We are conducting this study together with Green and So, the Scalascholen school foundation and Eric Schoones. We expect to publish the results in 2015.


Project leader

Miek C. Jong

Health and Nutrition