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Complementary Care Choosing Tool for children with cancer

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About 40% of parents of children with cancer make use of complementary care, particularly homeopathic remedies and dietary supplements, to enhance their child's well-being during  cancer treatments. Although 70% of these users is satisfied with the effect of complementary care, research also shows that they have little knowledge about the therapies chosen. Moreover, many regular healthcare providers are insufficiently aware of the possibilities of complementary care. The project "Complementary Care Choosing Tool for Children with Cancer" (2015-2016) aims to address this gap.

Help with finding the right complementary care

Despite the general lack of reliable information on complementary care, patients make increasing use of complementary therapies, while more and more health insurance companies cover this form of care. Hence, it is in the interest of patients, insurance companies and healthcare providers that transparent and easy-to-understand information on complementary care is available. The care choosing tool developed in our project will enable users (parents, children and care providers) to make informed decisions about using complementary care during child cancer treatments, and to find 'evidence based' complementary therapies of which the efficacy is scientifically proven. Developed in close collaboration with care providers and parents of children with cancer, this informative and instructional tool will be tailored to user needs.

Project implementation and funding

This project is conducted by the Louis Bolk Institute, VOKK (Dutch association of parents of children with cancer) and the Van Praag Institute, in collaboration with the task force Supportive Care of SKION (Child Oncology Foundation Netherlands), NIKIM (National Information and Knowledge Centre for Integrative Medicine) and PPCG (Dutch Patient Forum for Complementary Care). The project is funded by Fonds Nuts Ohra. The Complementary Care Choosing Tool is expected to be launched in 2016.




Project leader

Miek C. Jong

Health and Nutrition