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International Farmers' Networks

Sharing experience, unlocking knowledge

The "Organic farmers' networks" project (2009-2010) aims to improve the exchange of knowledge and experience between organic farmers and growers, extension officers and researchers in Flanders. This should lead to a more efficient use of available knowledge and stimulate the development of the organic sector. The project is funded by the Flemish Government and carried out by the Louis Bolk Institute (leading partner), and the Flemish institutes Bioforum and Landwijzer.

Sector-based and thematic working groups

Growers and farmers start their own networks. Sector-based working groups for field-scale vegetable production, dairy farming, goat farming and fruit production are now up and running. Furthermore, there are thematic working groups on soil fertilization, weed control, and plant and animal breeding.

Learning from the Dutch

The Louis Bolk Institute has been asked to set up and coordinate the Flemish organic farmers networks because of its pivotal role in various Dutch farmers networks and its close collaboration with organic farmers in the Netherlands.

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