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Client case Agriculture and Nature Conservation 2014

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Client: Veelzijdig Boerenland Farmers' Association

Respondent: Hans Hoek, director

Research project: Flourishing Farm


Form: Gain experience in integrated pest management among participating farmers. In collaboration with: Veelzijdig Boerenland Farmers' Association and organisations for agricultural landscape and nature management. Aim: Reduce reliance on chemical insecticides through increasing functional agrobiodiversity: beneficial insect populations in particular. Results: Over 600 farmers are reached with this project. 70% of them have al ready made the switch: from now on, they will thoroughly check their crops first; only if natural enemies are really lacking, they will spray. As it turned out, the flowering field margins not only contribute to integrated pest management, but also to other functions and goals, such as water management, recreation and meeting biodiversity targets. 

Main reason to choose the Louis Bolk Institute:

"The collective approach. Thanks to that, we got the project up and running in no time. We have demonstrated that collective regional or national projects accomplish more than projects focusing on individual agricultural entrepreneurs."

What is Veelzijdig Boerenlands' opinion of the Louis Bolk Institute?

Hans Hoek: "Our collaboration with the Louis Bolk lnstitute has been very constructive and transparent. The project as a whole has been an eye-opener. The EU has been showcasing our collective approach as 'best practice' example to other member states."

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Hans Hoek, partner of the Louis Bolk Institute in the Flourishing Farm project