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Client case Networks 2014

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Client: Skylark Foundation

Respondent: Henk Heinhuis, director

Research project: Residue Recycling Network


Form: Knowledge exchange network for the supply chain from households, food industry and livestock farms to arable farming. In collaboration with: Skylark Foundation. Aim: Sustainably reuse of organic waste from food industry, livestock farms and households in arable farming. From the exchanging of knowledge and experience, we can develop practical win-win solutions: the industry gets to recycle its waste, while the farmers gain new sources of organic residues for improving their soils. Results: The project reaches more than 400 arable farmers and over 50 processing companies and suppliers. Field experiments show farmers how to assess compost quality, using a scoring system. The project not only solves the technical question of reducing waste flows, but also contributes to the larger goal of making the entire food chain more sustainable. The project shows that it can be done: innovation through collaboration between businesses, which is one of Europe's ambitions." 

Main reason to choose the Louis Bolk Institute:

Henk Heinhuis: "The added value of the Louis Bolk lnstitute is their specialist knowledge of soils and organic agriculture: in both these areas the institute is leading in the Netherlands. Conventional arable farming is facing many issues that call for sustainable solutions based on scientific evidence, and that's where we need each other." 

What is Skylark Foundations' opinion of the Louis Bolk Institute?

"Our collaboration is both pleasant and effective because we are like-minded: everyone involved is very knowledgeable of the subject matter and speaks the same language. The researchers are sharing solutions from organic agriculture with our conventional farmers, who adopt some of these measures in their own farming practices. Thus, we do not need to reinvent the wheel. We are sharing the ambition to increase environmental as well as economic sustainability. This is what I like about the Louis Bolk lnstitute: they really want to achieve results at both these levels. I expect that we will intensify our collaboration in the future."

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Henk Heinhuis, partner of the Louis Bolk Institute in the Residue Recycling Network project