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About us

Systems approach to sustainability research

The Louis Bolk Institute is an independent international knowledge institute to advance truly sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health. Our research is based on the belief that nature is the source of knowledge about life. Our observations, analyses and actions are based on the idea that processes and entities can only be understood in the context of interrelationships. This systems approach means that, rather than fixing seemingly isolated problems with partial solutions, we look at research questions in their proper context. This enables us to find comprehensive solutions that work in practice.

Firmly rooted in practice

Our clients choose us because of our expertise in sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and health. We work closely together with 'the field': farmers, businesses and health practitioners. By integrating their practical knowledge and experience into our projects, we ensure that our research is firmly rooted in practice and that our advice is useful and realistic. We continually sharpen our understanding through knowledge exchange, critical reflection and scientific analysis. This way we contribute to a more sustainable world with healthier humans, animals, plants and soils.

Our corporate identity

We are a mid-sized organisation for research and advice, based in Driebergen, the Netherlands. We work closely with theĀ African partner organisation Agro Eco-Louis Bolk Institute in Accra (Ghana). Our systems approach, respect for the integrity of life, and participatory methodology are central pillars of our work.

Louis Bolk (1866-1930) was a Professor of Human Anatomy at the University of Amsterdam. "How much broader would be our view of life, if we could study it through reducing glasses?"